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Walkie Talkie & Surveillance Supplier in Singapore

Supreme Mobility Product Pte Ltd (SMP), a humble startup established in 2011. It has one simple business objective, that is to be a one-stop solutions provider of two-way radios (aka walkie talkie) and radio equipment in Singapore. Servicing diversified trades that include small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large organizations to government institutions and agencies.

Fast forward 10 years, we are considered one of the front-runner in wireless radio communication equipment and solutions. From providing conventional analog and digital two-way communication, to private radio system communication consultancy, design and installation for  enhance communications coverage within a workplace.

Our main business objective remains unchanged over the years. We insist in helping every business build highly connected teams that can correspond faster, receive and transmit real-time information via first-rate wireless technologies.

With the rapid changes in today’s economy, we see a demand for total integration of basic walkie talkie communications with other technologies. We have embraced such changes by building up other capabilities. That includes smart access system, body worn camera, video management system to dispatch system. This total integration provides a one stop solutions for today’s businesses in enhancing security, productivity and work efficiency.

Today, SMP has partnered several major local and international leading brands such as Entel, Hytera, Vertex Standard and MVP. These collaborations brought about not just providing choices to our customers. New technologies were being showcase on how it could bring about changes to businesses.

Other expanded services SMP provides includes walkie talkie rental, extended warranty, after sales repair and servicing, maintenance contract, and training. The company partners with local and global manufacturers for releasing new and innovative products or solutions to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.

SMP will continue to work with customers from the ground and embracing ever changing technologies. To further enhance upon our capabilities and bring about even more cost effective products and solutions to all B2B or B2C segments.


Company Values

SMP Company Values



To provide our customers with a comprehensive range of quality products and services under one roof.

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