Walkie Talkie Consultancy

Radio Communication Consultancy

SMP’s consultancy services offer a unique and professional approach to the optimization of wireless radio communication systems of various organizations. It is capable of developing solutions that can be attributed to its long-standing industry track record; deep understanding of wireless technologies and the market; and experience as distributor of the leading radio equipment brands in the market.

Moreover, the company is dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge telecommunication solutions that ensure the improvement of wireless communications and efficiency of day-to-day operations of organizations of any size.

Communication Consultancy Services

  • Identification of requirement based on Client’s expectation and project execution
  • Development and integration of communication systems
  • Inspection of all available radio communication system components
  • Acquisition of appropriate equipment
  • Cooperation management between the departments to ensure full-scale operations
  • Analyze shortcomings and determine solutions
  • Assessment of resources required for execution
  • Breakdown into steps and development of project
  • Reporting

Advantages of Consultancy

SMP works closely with the Client in ensuring that the concept is properly seamlessly implemented.

Training internal staff is critical. It helps build the organization’s technical competencies, and thus increase the return on your technology investment.

In addition, the company offers the following

  • Maintenance services
  • Rental and repair services

Take advantage of SMP’s consultancy services to understand the latest innovations and improve your communications this year. Call us at +65 6747 5229 or email to schedule a meeting.