MVP Smart Access Control System

MVP Smart Access Control System to improve the company's security.


The Smart Access Control System from MVP reduces the risks of security infringements, theft and other serious issues that could affect the overall welfare and security of your company. This provides you the means of authenticating and authorizing entry of every individual in your premise, providing full control through a network that ensures 100% security.

This system, when integrated with your physical security entrance, deals with the many issues concerning unapproved access to your office facility or building.


Facial recognition technology for faster and more intuitive user authentication, with or without having a mask on. This feature provides a higher level of security but not to the detriment of the person’s experience.

Contactless temperature, which allows the system to read the person’s temperature and can trigger alert if the staff has a high temperature. The built-in non-contact thermometer allows the temperature to be taken with minimal contact.

Self-administered. The access control system is easy to use. It does not require additional manpower to implement it well.

Management system. With the right system in place, it is easy to keep records and trace any activity under various circumstances.

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