• MVP Video Management System

    MVP Video Management System

    MVP Video Management System The MVP Video Management System is an end-to-end surveillance solution designed to record and capture accurate information. It brings together the capabilities of MVP’s professional-grade body-worn cameras, a docking station and the video evidence management system, to provide pieces of evidence as they occurred. Work more efficiently whilst collecting indisputable video […]

  • MVP Dispatch System

    MVP Dispatch System

    Group-Wide Push-to-Talk over Cellular Solution MVP delivers carrier-integrated broadband push-to-talk service designed to deliver instant communications through PTT service over LTE, GSM, 3G, 4G and WiFi. It allows customers to utilize a single device platform and deploy push-to-talk radios, powered by eDEN*, to increase business productivity and drive efficiency. MVP offers PTT over Cellular Solution […]

  • MVP Smart Access Control System

    MVP Smart Access Control System

    IMPROVE YOUR COMPANY’S SECURITY  The Smart Access Control System from MVP reduces the risks of security infringements, theft and other serious issues that could affect the overall welfare and security of your company. This provides you the means of authenticating and authorizing entry of every individual in your premise, providing full control through a network […]

  • Walkie Talkie Rental

    Walkie Talkie Rental

    Enjoy up to 50% on Rental Rates Two-way Radio Rentals SMP fully specialises in providing hundreds of high-quality, multi-channel, and full-powered 2-way radios and radio equipment for your temporary communication requirements. Offering Cost-efficient Equipment Rentals Acquiring wireless radio equipment is not always an ideal option for some as organizations these days are looking for more […]

  • Walkie Talkie Repair

    Walkie Talkie Repair

    Two-way Radio Repair Services SMP offers dependable walkie-talkie repair services to help your business stay connected with the team anytime of the day. The company has been dedicated to helping organizations improve and maintain a truly excellent wireless radio communication system by providing repair service that is guaranteed, fast, and affordable. It does not matter […]

  • Walkie Talkie Consultancy

    Walkie Talkie Consultancy

    Radio Communication Consultancy SMP’s consultancy services offer a unique and professional approach to the optimization of wireless radio communication systems of various organizations. It is capable of developing solutions that can be attributed to its long-standing industry track record; deep understanding of wireless technologies and the market; and experience as distributor of the leading radio equipment […]


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