Mobile Station / Repeater

Base Stations and Repeaters
Two-way radio repeaters and base stations can significantly boost the performance of your walkie-talkie systems by helping them communicate at times when the devices are out of range. They are designed to effectively grab the signal and re-transmit it over a wider area.

SMP is a leading supplier of high-performance radio repeaters and base stations, enabling your business to build an efficient radio frequency communication system where you can transmit and receive on two separate (if not nearly identical) frequencies.

These products can communicate with all RF receptors operating on the same RF channel
They support two simultaneous voice paths using the time-division multiple access (TDMA) technologies
This integrates voice and data with the most advanced yet easy to use features
They can be configured to operate in analog, digital or mixed modes

As you set up a radio communication system, you can configure your portable radios so that you can transmit on the repeater’s output frequency and allow the radio’s offset mode.

Trusted Partner With Leading Brands
The company is a partner with some of the world’s preeminent brands. These are:


Benefits of Repeaters

Increase the range of mobile radios
Improve signal wireless strength
Reduce impact of obstructions

Where to use Repeaters
Repeaters are designed for wider environments where communications can be challenging. Use them especially in

Commercial complexes
Stadiums and arenas
Manufacturing plants
Large facilities

Using repeaters can extend the range of radio signal, driving clear communications and realizing productivity. The company’s repeaters are

Available in UHF, VHF and 800/900 frequency bands
Designed to be easy to use
Made for expanded and easy fleet communications

Shop through the latest selection of repeater and base station products featured below.

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  • Hytera RD968

    Hytera RD968

    S$ N/A

  • Mototrbo XiR M8668

    Mototrbo XiR M8668

    S$ N/A

  • Motorola GM338

    Motorola GM338

    S$ N/A

  • Hytera RD628

    Hytera RD628

    S$ N/A

  • Mototrbo XiR R8200

    Mototrbo XiR R8200

    S$ N/A

  • Hytera RD988

    Hytera RD988

    S$ N/A


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