Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Radios

SMP represents the world’s class-leading intrinsically safe ATEX-approved portable radios designed for potentially hazardous work environments where communications are critical. It enables businesses likes yours to harness the benefits of ATEX-approved walkie talkies for safer communications to all users.

Why Use Intrinsically Safe ATEX Portable 2-Way Radios?

These portable devices are specially made as an essential tool in industries where there is a high probability of explosions, fire situations occurring in dangerous environments even underground such as mining, waste management, oil and gas factories.

Explosive atmospheres can shorten one’s life at any given moment, because these environments are rife with toxic substances like flammable gases, vapors, mists, and combustible dusts. This is why a special type of communication device is strictly required with a certification called ATEX. This ensures that the equipment used in toughest places is fit for this intended purpose. We carry the Best-in-Class ATEX-approved brands

  • Hytera
  • Mototrbo


Hytera’s industry-leading portable radios comply with the guidelines of ATEX certification directives. They are packed with features that help keep workers connected at all times. This brand ensures a wide range of features

  • Fail-safe design
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • High-grade LCD protective cover

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Mototrbo is the next-generation portable radio devices from the world’s trusted wireless communications brand, Motorola. It has the highest ATEX-approved gas explosion rating while providing users with high quality voice and data communications and user safety.

Adheres to IP67 specifications protecting device from dust and water when immersed
Simple and easy to use
Rugged and sturdy

Shop through the latest selection of Mototrbo products featured below.

Make security your top priority in your workplace today. If you want to know more about the uses and advantages of intrinsically safe ATEX two-way radios, call us at +65 6747 5229 or email

  • Mototrbo XiR P8608EX

    Mototrbo XiR P8608EX

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  • Hytera PD798EX

    Hytera PD798EX

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