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Supreme Mobility Product Pte Ltd (SMP), established in 2011, is a one-stop solutions provider of two-way radios and radio equipment in Singapore.

Our in-house specialists have over a decade of industry experience to support business customers to deliver the best services. SMP provides individuals and organisations of any size with mission-critical communication products and solutions that enable them to connect faster through seamless networks; products; and applications. The company is considered a front-runner in wireless communication equipment including analog and digital two-way communication devices as well as radio trunked systems that deliver excellent communication coverage within the workplace, whether it is for outdoor coverage or for emergency response situations. The objective of SMP is to help every business build highly connected teams that can correspond faster, receive and transmit real-time information via first-rate wireless technologies.

SMP delivers expanded services such as rental, extended warranty, after sales repair and servicing, inspection, and training. The company partners with global manufacturers for releasing new and innovative products to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.


Company Values

Company Values



To provide our customers with a comprehensive range of quality products and services under one roof.

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